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Top new questions this week:

Multi-country model or single model

I am working on a ML model to be deployed in a product operating in many countries. The issue that I am having is the following: should I train one model and serve it for all countries? train a model ...

machine-learning linear-regression xgboost data-product  
asked by David Masip 8 votes
answered by mirimo 2 votes

One Hot Encoding for any kind of dataset

How can I make a one hot encoding for a unknown dataset which can iterate and check the dytype of the dataset and do one hot encoding by checking the number of unique values of the columns, also how ...

data python-3.x one-hot-encoding  
asked by Devansh Mishra 5 votes
answered by Carlos Mougan 5 votes

ETL and Data Engineering is it purely the knowledge of tools or is there theory behind it?

I would like to better understand what a good Data Englineer must know or what he does. Job descriptions mostly list tools that are required, such as Python. If it is possible to separate Data ...

data-analysis databases etl data-engineering structured-data  
asked by MindYB 4 votes
answered by fractalnature 1 vote

Finding out why your model is doing better?

I fitted a logistic regression model on a data set and got an AUC score of .70. I added some additional out-hot encoded categorical features to the model and the AUC improved slightly to .74. How do I ...

machine-learning evaluation performance  
asked by Eisen 4 votes
answered by mirimo 0 votes

feature scaling xgbRegressor

I read for example in this answer: Does the performance of GBM methods profit from feature scaling? that scaling doesn´t affect the performance of any tree-based method, not for ...

machine-learning decision-trees xgboost normalization feature-scaling  
asked by martin 4 votes
answered by David Masip 3 votes

What Clustering Method Should I Use?

My data is a group of 10 thousand points (each having an node location (x,y)) that are spread across a plane. They are also chromatically-colored based on their weight. I need to finalize a bayesian ...

python clustering tsne bayesian-nonparametric  
asked by ChessGrandMaster 3 votes

Negatively correlated features

Is it ok to use negatively correlated features in data modeling? Say I have features A and B that have a correlation coefficient of 0.2 and features C and D with -0.2 correlation coefficient, is it ...

asked by user100552 3 votes
answered by David Masip 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

The cross-entropy error function in neural networks

In the MNIST For ML Beginners they define cross-entropy as $$H_{y'} (y) := - \sum_{i} y_{i}' \log (y_i)$$ $y_i$ is the predicted probability value for class $i$ and $y_i'$ is the true probability ...

machine-learning tensorflow  
asked by Martin Thoma 129 votes
answered by KT. 112 votes

DeprecationWarning: The 'categorical_features' keyword is deprecated in version 0.20

I was watching Machine Learning A- Z from SuperDataScience but when I was doing below code sample: import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import pandas as pd dataset = ...

machine-learning python scikit-learn  
asked by killercode 8 votes
answered by xYan 7 votes

I got the following error : 'DataFrame' object has no attribute 'data'

I am trying to get the 'data' and the 'target' of the iris setosa database, but I can't. For example, when I load the iris setosa directly from sklearn datasets I get a good result: Program: from ...

python pandas dataframe csv  
asked by user58187 5 votes
answered by vipin bansal 3 votes

removing strings after a certain character in a given text

I have a dataset like the one below. I want to remove all characters after the character ©. How can I do that in R? data_clean_phrase <- c("Copyright © The Society of Geomagnetism and Earth", "© ...

r data-cleaning  
asked by Hamideh 16 votes
answered by MASL 21 votes

What does "linear in parameters" mean?

The model of linear regression is linear in parameters. What does this actually mean?

regression linear-regression  
asked by Albert Gao 13 votes
answered by ayhan 14 votes

How to plot two columns of single DataFrame on Y axis

i have two DataFrames(Action,Comedy). Action contains two columns(year,rating) ratings columns contains average rating with respect to year. Comedy Dataframe contains same two columns with different ...

python pandas graphs dataframe  
asked by Bilal Butt 11 votes
answered by user2333453 15 votes

Confused about how to apply KMeans on my a dataset with features extracted

I am trying to apply a basic use of the scikitlearn KMeans Clustering package, to create different clusters that I could use to identify a certain activity. For example, in my dataset below, I have ...

python clustering k-means unsupervised-learning  
asked by Gary 8 votes
answered by HonzaB 22 votes

Can you answer these questions?

3d plot for clustering

I'm working on a cluster analysis project and was trying out different ways to plot clusters to explain the differences between the clusters. I did plot the different clusters in 2D. Can you please ...

python clustering matplotlib  
asked by VishwaV 1 vote
answered by Malathi 0 votes

Finding optimal threshold in multi-class classification task

In a binary classification problem, it is easy to find the optimal threshold (F1) by setting different thresholds, evaluating them and picking the one with the highest F1. Similarly is there a proper ...

asked by saiRegrefree 1 vote
answered by nimar 0 votes

How to make a neural network generalizes better?

I designed a neural network model with large number of output predicted by softmax function. However, I want categorize all the outputs into 5 outputs without modifying the architecture of other ...

python neural-network pytorch  
asked by simomod 1 vote
answered by SrJ 0 votes
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