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Top new questions this week:

Why is averaging the vectors required in word2vec?

While implementing word2vec using gensim by following few tutorials online, one thing that I couldn't understand is the reason why word vectors are averaged once the model is trained. Few example ...

word-embeddings word2vec gensim  
asked by mockash 4 votes
answered by noe 6 votes

Calculating optimal number of topics for topic modeling (LDA)

am going to do topic modeling via LDA. I run my commands to see the optimal number of topics. The output was as follows: It is a bit different from any other plots that I have ever seen. Do you think ...

nlp data-science-model topic-model lda  
asked by Tahereh Maghsoudi 4 votes
answered by prashant0598 3 votes

Linear Regression bad results after log transformation

I have a dataset that has the following columns: The variable I'm trying to predict is "rent". My dataset looks a lot similar to what happens in this notebook. I tried to normalize the rent ...

machine-learning regression statistics linear-regression  
asked by Caldass_ 3 votes

Probability that ensemble model is correct based on accuracies of its classifiers

I'm trying to understand what I did wrong when trying to answer this question. The exact question is: Assume that we have 3 trained prediction models, and each model outputs either -1 or 1. We then ...

asked by tendim 3 votes
answered by 10xAI 5 votes

Storing Large dataset for processing and analysis of data

I am new to data engineering and wanted to know , what is the best way to store more than 3000 GB of data for further processing and analysis ? I am specifically looking for open source resources . I ...

dataset data-analysis data-formats processing data-engineering  
asked by user14519285 3 votes
answered by jdsuryap 0 votes

Why does the MAE still remain, at all?

This may seem to be a silly question. But I just wonder why the MAE doesn't reduce to values close to 0. It's the result of an MLP with 2 hidden layers and 6 neurons per hidden layer, trying to ...

mlp cost-function error-handling  
asked by Turnvater 3 votes
answered by Erwan 5 votes

Negative learning implementation in pytorch

I have read a paper on Negative Learning: The idea is that you can train a network not only by telling what label of the sample is, but by telling what it surely is ...

loss-function pytorch  
asked by Emil 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between LeakyReLU and PReLU?

I thought both, PReLU and Leaky ReLU are $$f(x) = \max(x, \alpha x) \qquad \text{ with } \alpha \in (0, 1)$$ Keras, however, has both functions in the docs. Leaky ReLU Source of LeakyReLU: ...

asked by Martin Thoma 53 votes
answered by Thomas Wagenaar 66 votes

How to calculate mAP for detection task for the PASCAL VOC Challenge?

How to calculate the mAP (mean Average Precision) for the detection task for the Pascal VOC leaderboards? There said - at page 11: Average Precision (AP). For the VOC2007 challenge, the interpolated ...

machine-learning neural-network svm computer-vision object-recognition  
asked by Alex 30 votes
answered by Dani Mesejo 21 votes

Understanding predict_proba from MultiOutputClassifier

I'm following this example on the scikit-learn website to perform a multioutput classification with a Random Forest model. ...

scikit-learn random-forest multilabel-classification  
asked by Harpal 40 votes
answered by chrisckwong821 41 votes

Expected 2D array, got scalar array instead

Can anyone help me with this error. I did the following code but it does not work and I am getting the following error: ...

machine-learning python  
asked by Siri1993 10 votes
answered by bkshi 6 votes

Confused about how to apply KMeans on my a dataset with features extracted

I am trying to apply a basic use of the scikitlearn KMeans Clustering package, to create different clusters that I could use to identify a certain activity. For example, in my dataset below, I have ...

python clustering k-means unsupervised-learning  
asked by Gary 10 votes
answered by HonzaB 26 votes

Advantages of AUC vs standard accuracy

I was starting to look into area under curve(AUC) and am a little confused about its usefulness. When first explained to me, AUC seemed to be a great measure of performance but in my research I've ...

machine-learning accuracy  
asked by aidankmcl 89 votes
answered by indico 76 votes

Python vs R for machine learning

I'm just starting to develop a machine learning application for academic purposes. I'm currently using R and training myself in it. However, in a lot of places, I have seen people using Python. What ...

machine-learning r python  
asked by user721 120 votes
answered by binga 105 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Best forecast model for insurance policies volumes

I am new in forecasting and I am studying a dataset from an insurance company that contains the volume on a monthly basis of new policies, renewals & cancellations. New policies of a given month ...

predictive-modeling forecast  
asked by Minos 1 vote
answered by Memphis Meng 0 votes

ARI (Adjusted Rand Index) result meaning

I am using K-Means for a binary classification problem in labelled data. I think that K-Means used opposite labels to mine for the output variable. I calculated the ARI to better understand if the ...

clustering k-means  
asked by Daniel_Fortesque 1 vote

Find the relation between two logical models, and their inductive bias

Suppose we want to learn the Boolean function in instance space $X=\{0,1\}^3$. We are given two models to examine: $H_1$ is a set of all logical functions in the conjunctive normal form (CNF), $H_2$ ...

machine-learning model-selection  
asked by Tarik Pašić 1 vote
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