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Nov 8 '17 at 15:26 comment added niths4u good to hear it helped ,but no idea why this is downvoted :) . Perhaps putting downvote for new joinees seems to be the tradition
Nov 8 '17 at 1:08 comment added North of 49 This really helped, and provided the syntax frame I needed. I need to exclude 1 or 2 'alpha-character' words (e.g, 'na') and keep 2 character 'alphanumeric' words (e.g., 'P3'), as in the desired output example above. The substitution of '[[:alpha:]]' for '\\w' in the statement you provide, does the trick. Decoding your syntax taught me about 'Negative lookbehind' in regex, which is super useful. I learned something today. > gsub(" *\\b(?<!-)[[:alpha:]]{1,2}(?!-)\\b *", " ", z, perl=T)
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