I have a prediction model $P$ and I use some performance measure $I$ to measure $P$'s accuracy. The distribution of $I$ is unknown (it's a custom metric, which is somehow similar to the precision metric).

My validation prediction is as following:

  • Randomly split the data to $k$ stratified folds
  • Fit $k$ models
  • Estimate each model according to $I$ (which results $k$-crossvalidated values of $I$)
  • The final model prediction performance is calculated by the average of $k$-crossvalidated $I$ measures.

I would like to perform some significance testing - to be able to say the confidence for the model prediction performance - to what extent I am “sure” in this $I$?


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You may use bootstrapping to estimate a confidence interval for the prediction error. Further help can be found in some Stanford online course slides, but I haven't done this.

Besides that, it should be no problem to compare the estimated performance obtained with cross-validation (mean and standard deviation) with a reference point (e.g., AUC = 0.5) or with the results of another benchmark model such as logistic regression or nearest-neighbor classifier using a simple statistical test using a given level of confidence.

A similar question is discussed here.


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