I am executing the job as:

hadoop/bin/./hadoop jar                                \
/home/hadoopuser/hadoop/share/hadoop/tools/lib/hadoop-streaming-2.6.0.jar                                                  \
-D mapred.reduce.tasks=2                               \
-file kmeans_mapper.py                                 \
-mapper kmeans_mapper.py -file kmeans_reducer.py       \
-reducer kmeans_reducer.py                             \
-input gutenberg/small_train.csv                       \
-output gutenberg/out

When the two reducers are done, I would like to do something with their output. The MapReduce tutorial states:

Users may need to chain MapReduce jobs to accomplish complex tasks which cannot be done via a single MapReduce job. This is fairly easy since the output of the job typically goes to distributed file-system, and the output, in turn, can be used as the input for the next job.

but it does not give any example. Can I make this happen?

Relevant question of mine, but I decided to ask the experts too! :)

A negative answer would still be very useful!


I can safely conclude you cannot.


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