Is it possible to add global information in addition to node information using Spektral or Pythorch?

For instance, information of nodes such as relative position and atomic mass give a molecular structure and its chemical property. In addition to nodes, I would like to add overall/global information that characterize the object... But, I do not find an example...

something like... (all nodes are fully connected)

NodeX ( global1, globa2, local1, loca2, local3 )   
Node1 (val, val,   0,   0,  0 ) // global information   
Node2 (0,     0, val, val, val) // local information   
Node3 (0,     0, val, val, val) // local information   

Does this make sense?

It seems Spektral and Pythorch are based on Message-passing neural networks. So, this does not accept global information?

I have to use Deep set or Full GN block?

If someone has good knowledge, I would like to hear it.


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