I am studying to get my first job as data scientist and I stumbled upon this. I have been banging my head on the wall for hrs to understand this concept. But couldn't get concrete answer. Just 1 example will be enough.

https://slideplayer.com/slide/14318989/ It is page number 34 of the given slide.

enter image description here


The definitions are given on slide 33. For example, for recall of each cluster you need to find


which you can infer from the definition above:

Assign to cluster i the class ki such that ki = argmaxjnij

which simply says for each cluster, the index of the highest n is defined as ki. For the case of cluster 1 on the left, it is cluster 3, so the index is 3. which gives:

niki = n13 = 85

and the denominator is

cki = c3 = 100

So you get the recall for cluster 1 on the left as 85/100.


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