I was trying to create a new column to a dataframe such that the new column should have the format as True/False based on some pattern.

My dataframe:

df = pd.DataFrame([[1,16],[21,3],[0.9,56]])
df.index = ['1','2','3']

enter image description here

I want to create a new column such that if A > 2 and B < 30 will have value as True in a new column, otherwise should have value as False.

I tried to use np.where to get the new column but I am not sure how can I get values as True or False.


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You could use np.where, but just using a series comparison should work as well:

df["col"] = (df["A"] > 2) & (df["B"] < 30)

Well, obviously the solution using a series comparison published by @Oxbowerce is the best option because it is not needed to import a big tool like Numpy for doing this simple task. However, if someone is asking for the solution that uses numpy.where, this could be as follow:

import numpy as np

df['New Column'] = np.where((df["A"] > 2) & (df["B"] < 30), True, False)

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