I have an input data with 2000 samples each having shape of (5, 3, 178, 178) where 5 is time dimension, 3 is a color channel, and the rest are x and y-axis. Now I want to use ConvLSTM layer to predict 3 classes. Below is my sample single data and architecture, can someone suggest me what should I change in architecture to get better prediction.

enter image description here

input  = Input(shape=(5, 3, 178, 178)
                    , name='input')
first = ConvLSTM2D(filters=32, kernel_size=(3, 3)
                       , data_format='channels_first'
                       , recurrent_activation='hard_sigmoid'
                       , activation='tanh'
                       , padding='same', return_sequences=True)(input)

second = BatchNormalization()(first)
third = MaxPooling3D(pool_size=(1, 2, 2), padding='same', data_format='channels_first')(second)
fourth = ConvLSTM2D(filters=64, kernel_size=(3, 3)
                        , data_format='channels_first'
                        , padding='same', return_sequences=True, activation = 'tanh')(third)

fifth = BatchNormalization()(fourth)
sixth= MaxPooling3D(pool_size=(1, 3, 3), padding='same', data_format='channels_first')(fifth)

seventh = Flatten()(sixth)
output = Dense(3, activation='softmax'))

model = Model(inputs=input, outputs=output, name='Model ')

batch_size = 64

opt = tf.keras.optimizers.Adam(learning_rate=0.1)
model.compile(loss='categorical_crossentropy', optimizer = opt, metrics=['accuracy'])
model.fit(x_tr, y_tr, batch_size = batch_size, epochs=50, verbose=1,validation_data=(x_val,y_val))

Can someone tell me what changes should I make to my model to get better result, should I add more layers, or is there any layer that I'm missing. Any suggestion in activation function or optimizers. Mainly I would like to know what layer I should add or delete. Also like I know it’s standard to use tanh as activation in LSTM but as I want to detect pixels changing magnitide or value, can I use relu here instead. Or I shouldn’t change the default activation of LSTM that is tanh


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