I am using Tableau Desktop 2021.1.4

Suppose that my source sales data consists of 4 columns Region (dimension with values: N,E,W,S), Type (dimension with values: Furniture, Electronics, Appliances), Year (dimension with values: 2021, 2020, 2020), and sales ($).

I would like to generate a Calculated Field, say "Sum of Sales", where the summation:

  1. is always over all the regions and all the types, regardless of what is in the view
  2. can also be over the different years or can be filtered by year

I thought:

{Exclude [Region], [Type]:

would do the trick, but, for example, when the view is: [Region][Type] in the Rows and [Year] in the Columns, and I filter the region, Sum of Sales becomes smaller accordingly.


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Consider using FIXED Level of Detail Expressions, and see this information on Filters and Level of Detail Expressions.

FIXED could also be combined with adding filters to context:

FIXED calculations are applied before dimension filters, so unless you promote the fields on your Filter shelf to Improve View Performance with Context Filters, they will be ignored.


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