In Gmail, when I start typing out the "to" field, it suggests people to add to the email, based on whom I usually email together. Does anyone know where I can find a simple algorithm of this type, or what this would be called?

In particular, let's say I have friends named: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, .... I sometimes send group emails to ABCD, and sometimes to ABEF. If I start writing to AB, it should recommend either C or E, and if I choose C, it should then suggest D (basically refining the suggestion after each item is added).

The algorithm needs to be able to work with inputs it hasn't seen before. For example, if I start addressing to ABCZ, it should still recommend D, because that is associated with 3 of the 4 inputs.

EDIT: currently I have implemented it based on frequency (the element that has been associated with the most inputs). I would prefer to use conditional probability, like pre-calculating every combination such as P(C|AB) and P(D|ABC) etc but in my case this would be too many combinations to store since there are many inputs and they change all the time.


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Looks like I found Google's paper here.

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