Consider a data setup of one-dimensional data ∈ R1, where the hypothesis space H is parametrized by {p,q} where x is classified as 1 iff p < x < q.

What will be the VC(H)?

Here's my approach: Since 1D data so we can represent the hypothesis space in a number line.

We will consider 2 points and try all possibilities and see if they can all be classified correctly.

Assume data points are d1 and d2.

case1: p < (d1, d2) < q

case2: d1 <= p and p < d2 < q

case3: p < d1 < q and q >= d2

case4: d1 <= p and q >= d2

In all the above cases we can correctly classify.

Let's now take 3 points and try to find a labelling order when it is not possible to classify using a line/hyperplane.

Assume data points are d1, d2, and d3.

d1 <= p, p < d2 < q, and q >= d3

In the above case, it is not possible to classify using a hyperplane. Hence, VC(H) = 2.

Please let me know if my thinking process is correct.



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