In my current setup, I am trying to train a simple Bert model (DistilBert) for a classification task with 30 classes.

As is common, I performing a quick sanity check whether my code actually properly trains (tried an implementation with lightning)

After some 200 epochs, I get a loss of 0.029 where my loss function is Cross entropy.

My question arises from a quote that I picked out during the following lecture of the course Full Stack Deep Learning from Berkeley:


At some point it is mentioned that it is good practice to see if you can arbitrarily closely get the loss function to 0.

However, I implemented early stopping (patience 10) so I don't suspect that I will be able to push much farther past this value, meaning that I'm unsure whether my sanity check satisfied the arbitrarily close part.

Some interpretation, a cross entropy value of .029 corresponds to 93% of the weight to be in the correct class. Given that there are 30 classes, this might be satisfactory.

Any insights will be appreciated.


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