I am trying to find the age distribution of the subset of married people of a population. However, I realise that just visualising the married count by age (Figure 1) is highly dependent on the original distribution of ages in the population, as shown in Figure 2.

How can I determine the distribution of a boolean feature like isMarried = True based on the original distribution?

age distribution of married people

age distribution of population

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I think you're looking for the conditional probability "married given age".

For any age value $a$, you can calculate:

$$p(Married=true|Age=a)=\frac{p(Married=true \wedge Age=a)}{p(Age=a)}$$

For the calculation you can directly use the frequency instead of the probability:

  • the top part is the number of married people aged $a$
  • the bottom part is the total number of people aged $a$

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