Let us say I have the loading images from my local files using the pytorch torchvision datasets.ImageFolder as follows:

train_data = datasets.ImageFolder(
    os.path.join(out_dir, "Training"),
        transforms.Resize([224, 224]), # alenet image size
        transforms.ToTensor() # so that we will be able to calculate mean and std

How can I efficiently calculate the means and stds for each color channel I know when loading dataset from torchvision.dataset I can do it as follows:

train_data = datasets.CIFAR10('.',
means = train_data.data.mean(axis = (0, 1, 2))/255
stds = train_data.data.std(axis=(0, 1, 2))/255

My question is how can I calculate the means from the datasets.ImageFolder.

Any help input will be appreciated.


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