I'm a super fan user of Orange 3.30, actually I've beeing develop some Collection Strategys and some othe of CLI in my actuall work, and everything has been OK with all the decisions that I've being making, but not that we have some suppet data history it is time to create our Behaviour Score so that need a Scorecard Model. I've beeing reading a lot of Orange 3.30 but nothing seems to approuch of what I've need.

The main goal is to Develop a Scorecard Model, in specif, a Risk Scorecard Model in order to predict Behavioral of our customers. The only thing that it's on the documentation is to Score some different models and select the Champion one from many of them, but nothing seems to celarly develop a Scorecard Model in Orange.

I'm a constant user and a Big Fan and I would not love to take another mining tool. So the question is.. Is there any documentation or video or example to develop Scorecards Models in Orange 3.30... Please I would love all the information, examples or help that I could receive.

Thanks in regards!!



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