this is my first question on data science forum. I have a little doubt about if I'm asking this question on the right forum therefor any help, edit and change is appreciated. It's been a long time I'm using a smart watch which tracks my sleep time and quality, my heart beat and some other info. So I now have a rather big amount of health info. also my phone keeps track of my mobile usage, unlocking, sites visited and other kinds of data. the problem I'm facing is that I can not use these info since the apps and gadgets I'm using are not analyzing this info. for example I beleive analyzing my sleep time and quality during 3 month will help me know some stuff about myself or analyzing my mobile usage during a few months will have some usefull results for me. but I'm not a data scienctist so I'm looking for a way to analyze this data using not-so-much-complex apps or analyzers. So I'm asking you to help me do this. any kind of help is much appreciated.


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