Your help will be very useful in the below exercise as I have issues in my try to identify the correct ML approach to solve it.

My target here is to predict the value of the of 23:00 hour for the last of the timeseries(TS10000) based on the patterns identified for the rest 9999 timeseries.


Hours TS1 TS2 ... TS9999 TS10000
00:00 5 13 ... 16 12
01:00 8 18 ... 9 16
... ... ... ... ... ...
23:00 (Target) 3 7 ... 4 ????

Is multivariate approach a correct approach for this exercise? Could LSTM NN help here as the timeseries (TS1, TS2 etc.) are independent from each other?

Any ideas please?

Thank you in advance


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