Question answering is a common topic within NLP, but my problem is a little different: rather than answering a question, I have a question, an (open-ended) answer, and what I want to check is if that answer is correct.

For instance, if I have the question: "Have you done X?" I would like to be able to say that "Yes, I have done X." is correct, and "Yes, I have done Y." is incorrect.

Going a step further, this should also work if the answer is semantically similar to X, but not identical (for instance, "Yes, I have done X1 and X2", with the understanding that X1 and X2 together constitute X), or extract this from a larger piece of text (for instance, "After much deliberation, I was doubting between X and Y. But in the end I did X." should pass the test).

I would very much appreciate some pointers on how to get started with this. For context, I have read a lot about the most common techniques in NLP, and work mostly in Python.


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