How can I plot the covariance matrix of a Gaussian process kernel built with scikit-learn?

This is my code

X = Buckling_masterset.reshape(-1, 1)
y = E   

X_train, y_train =  Buckling.reshape(-1, 1), E

kernel = 1 * RBF(length_scale=1e1, length_scale_bounds=(1e-5, 1e5))
gpr = GaussianProcessRegressor(kernel=kernel, alpha=1, n_restarts_optimizer = 10)
gpr.fit(X_train, y_train)

y_mean, y_std = gpr.predict(X, return_std=True)
mean_prediction, std_prediction = gpr.predict(X, return_std=True)

I want to plot the covariance matrix that is respective to this kernel. Something in the lines of:

enter image description here


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It's my first stack exchange answer so I am quite excited. To plot the final optimized kernel

plt.imshow(opt_kern_matrix, cmap=cm.YlGnBu)

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