How does change in true positive rate affects AUC? Does increase of TPR lead to increase of AUC as well?


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Theoretically if you are able increase TPR keeping the FPR constant your AUC will increase. Lets understand the ROC curve first to understand why it happens :

AUC is calculated from ROC curve. ROC curve shows the performance of model (classification) at all the thresholds. The two parameters are as follows

  True Positive Rate : TP / (TP + FN) (TP : True Positive , FN : False Negative)

  False Positive Rate : FP / (FP + TN) (FP : False Positive, TB : True Negative)

Ideally for different thresholds, you plot values of TPR and FPR.

The image below represent a ROC curve, with TPR on Y axis and FPR on X axis (Image Sorce):

enter image description here

Ideally, Both FPR and TPR are interrelated. If you lower the threshold both FPR and TPR will increase.


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