I am working concurrently with multiple very large datasets (10s-100s of GBs)). I signed up for Colab Pro+ thinking it is the best option. However, I face a significant bottleneck in getting data into Colab.

My options all seem very bad:

  1. Downloading from AWS (where the data is located) - very slow.
  2. Uploading data to Google Drive and mounting Drive using below code. This is also surprisingly very slow.
from google.colab import drive
  1. Paying for a persistent server. Something like a persistent AWS SageMaker notebook. This is very expensive. With even a mediocre GPU, it comes out to $2k/mo.

What is the best solution here? I am ok with paying for a good option as long as its reasonable. Have any of the numerous MLOps startups developed a good solution to this?



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Try Faculty Platform. I had a good experience with large datasets(10s of GB) with them.

Faculty Platform


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