I'm having a problem with reshaping a DataFrame, after doing this

train_dane_rnn = np.reshape(train_dane, (train_dane.shape[0], train_dane.shape[1], 1))
test_dane_rnn = np.reshape(test_dane, (test_dane.shape[0], test_dane.shape[1], 1))

I'm getting this error

ValueError: Must pass 2-d input. shape=(15129, 10, 1)

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You have to convert your DataFrame to a numpy array first.

Try this:

train_dane_rnn = np.reshape(np.array(train_dane), (train_dane.shape[0], train_dane.shape[1], 1))
test_dane_rnn = np.reshape(np.array(test_dane), (test_dane.shape[0], test_dane.shape[1], 1))

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