I have clustered pitchers in baseball based off of averages of advanced metrics. I am working with statcast data, so every data point is a pitch thrown as follows:

pitcher_name batter_name spin_rate release_speed release_position
derek alan 2000 90 -1.05
derek alan 2100 88 -1.03
... ... ... ... ...

To cluster pitchers, I standardized and used kmeans from sklearn to cluster based on averages of advanced metrics. The new df contains no duplicate names of pitchers, just a map from each pitcher to their respective clusters.

What I want to do is add the cluster number of each pitcher to the original dataframe. That way I can calculate batting averages based on subsets.

I was hoping to get something like this:

pitcher_name batter_name spin_rate release_speed release_position cluster
derek alan 2000 90 -1.05 0
derek phil 2100 88 -1.03 0
stevie alan 1800 94 1.09 2

Note that I have already created a cluster map, such that for any given cluster, I can find the players in that group.

Does anybody have any advice?


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If you already have a dataframe that has the mapping between the pitcher and their cluster you can simply join this dataframe to your original dataframe using merge:

original_df.merge(cluster_mapping, on="pitcher_name")
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Assuming you have something like this:

from sklearn.cluster import KMeans

kmeans = KMeans(n_clusters = n_clusters).fit(X)

You just need:

df.loc[:,"cluster"] = kmeans.labels_

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