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So I have a dataframe consisting of just 4 columns but around 2000 rows. It's in a csv format. A typical value of the first column which is titled month actually looks like so: 1;1990-01-02;1990;1;23 So it seems that 1 is the index, then we have the year, month, and day. The two other numbers don't make sense and I think I can throw them out. I want to clean up this column and put it into some date format because the 4th column contains precipitation information (with many NaN's)that I want to look into. I'd like to get the maximum temperature over every month.

Here's what I started out by doing

enter image description here

I then want to just get the 1st index of that list by doing

df["MONTH"]=df["MONTH"].map(lambda x: x[1])

but I get an error saying

AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'split'

The next step would have been to do something like


How do I fix my error (or is there a better way of doing it?) and then get the max PRCP for January of 1990, February of 1990, ..., November of 2020 (some dates of some months are missing)


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How do I fix my error?

The error comes from trying to map x.split(';') again after the MONTH strings had already been mapped into lists. You can only run that line once. Also note that index 1 can be accessed immediately like x.split(';')[1] instead of mapping x.split(';') and then mapping x[1].

Or is there a better way of doing it?

Yes, it's best to use the vectorized Series.str methods instead of Series.map:

df = pd.DataFrame({'MONTH': ['1;1990-01-02;1990;1;23', '2;1990-01-04;1990;1;23', '3;1990-01-05;1990;1;25', '4;1990-02-02;1990;2;23', '5;1990-02-04;1990;2;23'], 'PRCP': [np.nan, np.nan, 3, 9, 5]})

#                     MONTH  PRCP
# 0  1;1990-01-02;1990;1;23   NaN
# 1  2;1990-01-04;1990;1;23   NaN
# 2  3;1990-01-05;1990;1;25   3.0
# 3  4;1990-02-02;1990;2;23   9.0
# 4  5;1990-02-04;1990;2;23   5.0
df['MONTH'] = pd.to_datetime(df['MONTH'].str.split(';').str[1])

#        MONTH  PRCP
# 0 1990-01-02   NaN
# 1 1990-01-04   NaN
# 2 1990-01-05   3.0
# 3 1990-02-02   9.0
# 4 1990-02-04   5.0

How do I get the max PRCP for January of 1990, February of 1990, ..., November of 2020?

Use Series.groupby.max to compute the max PRCP per year-month:

  • Either group by Month of YYYY strings using Series.dt.strftime:

    ym = df.MONTH.dt.strftime('%B of %Y')
    # MONTH
    # February of 1990    9.0
    # January of 1990     3.0
    # Name: PRCP, dtype: float64
  • Or group by explicit years and months using Series.dt.year and Series.dt.month:

    ym = [df['MONTH'].dt.year, df['MONTH'].dt.month]
    # 1990   1        3.0
    #        2        9.0
    # Name: PRCP, dtype: float64
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