I am new to machine learning. I have task at hand to predict outcome of a "process" for a set of inputs. The problem is that the "process" does not produce the exact same output for a given set of inputs but introduces some variation, i.e., my training data for inputs x and output y looks like below

x11, x21, x31 -> y1
x11, x21, x31 -> y2
x11, x21, x31 -> y3
x12, x22, x32 -> y4
x12, x22, x32 -> y5

Shall I just use this data as it for training deep neural network? or some data preparation steps are required?


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Good morning, based on your question I think that this answer already available: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58889065/is-it-acceptable-to-have-the-same-input-multiple-times-in-machine-learning-with#:~:text=Yes%2C%20it%20is%20acceptable%20to,of%20confusing(ambiguous)%20data. can be helpful for you.

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