I was implementing a training loop in vscode. I have created a Adam optimizer using XLM-Roberta model as follows:

xlm_r_model = XLMRobertaForSequenceClassification.from_pretrained("xlm-roberta-base",
                                                num_labels = NUM_LABELS,
optimizer = torch.optim.Adam(xlm_r_model.parameters(), lr=LR)

Then at following line:


vscode simply terminates the execution, without any error stack trace.

So I debugged to get to know exactly where this is happening. I reached this line, which makes F.adam(...) call:

enter image description here

Weirdly, on github, torch.optim.adam does not have this line. It seems that the closest matching line is line 150.

This call then goes to torch.optim._functional.adam:

enter image description here

In above image, those params (line 72) in for loop contains 201 elements and am unable to figure it out exactly which param is going wrong. When I continue it to run, it doesn't pause in debug mode whenever error occurs, instead vscode simply terminates.

Again, I am not able to find this function on github's _functional version

When I checked several Kaggle notebooks (1,2,3,4) for training xlm roberta, they are using AdamW and torch_xla package to train on TPUs something like this:

import torch_xla.core.xla_model as xm
optimizer = AdamW([{'params': model.roberta.parameters(), 'lr': LR},
                    {'params': [param for name, param in model.named_parameters() if 'roberta' not in name], 'lr': 1e-3} ], lr=LR, weight_decay=0)

Do I miss some contenxt and it is indeed compulsory to train using AdamW or torch_xla? Or am doing some stupid mistake?


  1. Am running this no colab . Its pip shows torch version 1.10.0+cu111 and python 3.7.13. I have run codeserver on colab through colabcode and debugging in browser based vscode.

  2. I was able to train Bert with Adam optimizer earlier.



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