I want to do a classification through comments categorized in 4 areas(X,Y,Z,M). Categorizing the product as good or bad based on the comments in the fields X, Y, Z, M. How can I follow a path to see the effects of these 4 areas on the result.

For example;

Id X Y Z M Result
1 The prod.. I fell.. Very bad.. lost of time.. 0(bad)

Using this data, the model will be given comments in the x, y, z, m fields and it will be provided to classify according to the score in the result table. Next, I want to find out in which the comments of area contributed the most to the model's conclusion. Example, Z.

It was first to combine the comments in the 4 fields, then to predict via lstm, but the separation of the fields is lost. Would it be a good solution to build and combine 4 different models?



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