The torchtext sentencepiece_numericalizer() outputs a generator with indices SentencePiece model corresponding to token in the input sentence. From the generator, I can get the ids.

My question is how do I get the text back after training?

For example

>>> sp_id_generator = sentencepiece_numericalizer(sp_model)
>>> list_a = ["sentencepiece encode as pieces", "examples to   try!"]
>>> list(sp_id_generator(list_a))
    [[9858, 9249, 1629, 1305, 1809, 53, 842],
     [2347, 13, 9, 150, 37]]

How do I convert list_a back t(i.e "sentencepiece encode as pieces", "examples to try!")?


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Torchtext does not implement this, but you can use directly the SentencePiece package. installable from PyPi.

import sentencepiece as spm
sp = spm.SentencePieceProcessor(model_file='test/test_model.model')
sp.decode([9858, 9249, 1629, 1305, 1809, 53, 842])

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