I'm looking for an algorithm that computes the similarity between two strings just like the levenshtein distance. However, I want to consider the following. The levenshtein distance gives me the same for these cases:

distance("apple", "appli") #1
distance("apple", "appel") #1
distance("apple", "applr") #1

However, I want the second and third example to have a smaller distance because of the following reasons:

  • second example: all the correct letters are used in the second word
  • third example: r is much likely to be a typo of the letter e because of the keyboard placement.

Are you familiar with any algorithm that weights such characteristics ?


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There are plenty of versions of edit distance and plenty of possible extensions.

The edit operations can have different weights. By default, all operations have a weight of 1. However, you can easily reassign the weights of substitutions based on their distance on the keyboard and assign a lower weight for substituting neighboring characters. In Python, you can use e.g., weighted-levenshtein package.

There is also an extension of the standard edit distance called Damerau-Levenshtein distance. It allows an additional operation of swapping two characters. If you set a lower cost for swapping characters, permuting characters in the string will be less penalized.

  • $\begingroup$ OK thank you very much. I will definitely have a look at this! $\endgroup$
    – ahs312
    May 6 at 7:15

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