I have a DataFrame which looks like this:

date person value
2022-05-01 A 5
2022-05-01 B 4
2022-05-02 A 5
2022-05-02 B 9

I want to convert it to that form:

date person A person B
2022-05-01 5 4
2022-05-02 5 9

I have implemented that code to colve the task:

raw_data = ... # data in the original form
people = raw_data["person"].unique()
dates = raw_data["date"].unique()

new_data = pd.DataFrame(columns=people, index=dates)
for person in people:
    for date in dates:
        new_data.loc[date, person] = raw_data[(raw_data["person"] == person) & (raw_data["date"] == date)].values[0][2]

It works correctly, however, on a larger dataset it is so slow that it becomes impractical to use, partly because it only uses one CPU core.

How to speed it up?

  • $\begingroup$ piRSquared's question How can I pivot a dataframe and answers on StackOverflow gives a comprehensive overview on ways to do this. $\endgroup$
    – Lynn
    May 15 at 1:23


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