I have a list of sentences :

sentences = ["Missing Plate", "Plate not found"]

I am trying to find the most similar sentences in the list by using Transformers model with Huggingface embedding. I am able to find the similar sentences but the model is still not able to identify the difference between :

"Message ID exists"  
"Message ID doesn't exist"

[Note: I am trying to find the similarity by using the Cosine similarity from pytorch]

Can you suggest me ways to hyperparameter tune my model so that the model can weigh in more on the negative words and consider them opposite?

I found the list of parameters that can be tuned but not sure what the best parameters would be


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  • $\begingroup$ Welcome to DataScienceSE. I don't know Huggingface but it might not be possible. Generally negation (also irony, hedging, etc) is difficult to handle: at the end of the day the model doesn't understand anything, it only tries to imitate what it's been fed as training data. $\endgroup$
    – Erwan
    11 hours ago


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