I train my deep learning model in tensorflow 2 (Tf2) environment because my latest GPU/Driver doesn't support tensorflow 1 (Tf1). However, the program I need to use post-training does not work with Tf2 models: it only accepts Tf1 (keras) based models. To manage, I have two different environments - one for training the model under Tf2, and one for using the SAME MODEL post training under Tf1.

This requires a hack of going in and out of different environments that is simply too cumbersome:

From TF2 env: I define the model with

model_Tf2 = tensorflow.keras.models.Model([input], outputs)

Next: save_the_weights to Tf2_weights_file.h5

Now from Tf1 env: I create the same model above using

model_Tf1 = keras.models.Model([input], outputs)

I then load the Tf2 weights into my model from Tf1 env:


I now have Tf1 keras model whose weights came from a Tf2 model

The Question: Is there a more efficient way to do this, all in "one" script without having to switch in and out of different environments? Ideal situation would be if a single function could convert a model from Tf2 to Tf1? Thank you!



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