Tools like waifu2x and Anime4k (for the MPV video player) can already easily de-noise and up-rez low quality images to 4k quality pretty darn well. Similar tools like DLSS and FSR are used for video games.

Are there any analogous tools for low-quality audio? That could properly de-noise it and make it higher quality? For example, a lot of anime from the 2000's have very low quality audio.

I understand that deep audio processing isn't nearly as developed as deep image processing, but I thought I may as well ask.

By the way, I know that a specialized audio engineer could do some combination of filtering and vo-coding to achieve this on a case-by-case basis. That's not what I'm asking for. What I want is a general tool that "just works" without too much tinkering (similar to DLSS, Anime4k, waifu2x, etc.)



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