I always use Linearregression() class in sklearn library for creating a linear regression model. According to my understanding, we need feature scaling in linear regression when we use Stochastic gradient descent as a solver algorithm, as feature scaling will help in finding the solution in less number of iterations, so with sklearn.linear_model.SGDRegressor() we need to scale the input. However, we dont need to scale the input with Linearregression() as it uses the closed form solution ( based on minimizing the sum of squared residuals). So my first question is, is my understanding correct ? Now my second question is, I need to understand in details why exactly feature scaling will not help if we uses Linearregression() ?


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@AAA, Yes, your understanding is correct.

Answer to your second question:

  • LinearRegression() uses Normal Equation i.e. closed-form solution to get best parameters for a given solution. Hence, we don’t have iterative loops to find best solution. Therefore, feature scaling is not recommended. Whereas, algorithms that use gradient decent, scaling is recommended.

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