I want to select rows by the maximum values of another column which would be the duplicated rows containing duplicated maximum values of a group.

This should contain three steps:
(1) group dataframe by column A;
(2) get duplicated rows with duplicated maximum values of column B;
(3) get rows if it contains maximum values of column C (if it is still duplicated, pick the first).


df_test = pd.DataFrame({'A':[1,1,2,3,4,2,4,3,3,2],

enter image description here


enter image description here


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This is more of a programming than a data science question, and would therefore be better suited for stackoverflow, but this can be achieved relatively easily using a combination of sorting and grouping:

    # sort such that the first row is within each group is the one you want
    .sort_values(["A", "B", "C"], ascending=[True, False, False])
    # group based on column A
    # select the first row within each group
    # reset the index such that A is a column instead of the index

Which gives the following result:

1 3 85
2 3 70
3 4 90
4 5 85

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