I have a private SQL database with text entries in it. I want to create a search engine to query these entries. I have been looking into haystack (https://haystack.deepset.ai/overview/intro) with the FAISS document store (https://github.com/deepset-ai/haystack/blob/main/haystack/document_stores/faiss.py).

The documentation is atrocious and I could use some help. I've been looking for hours and the answers simply aren't there.

How do I connect the FAISSDocumentStore with my private SQL database?

The following questions are unclear to me (and any sane person who reads their terrible documentation)

What is the definition of a document store (not even present on their website)? How does it relate to my private SQL database? Is it the same? Is it part of it? Is it saved to disc and if so how does this make any sense? When I add entries in my private SQL database, how do I reindex the FAISS indexes? How do I tell FAISS to index only the 'text' column in my private SQL database?



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