I am working on a personal project and want to understand what the output of Scipy's pdf() function. I understand that the PDF is for one singular line under a distribution curve so finding a point under that function would be zero. But when working with scipy, i get a number im not quite understanding.

from scipy.stats import norm


norm.pdf(0, loc=5, scale=10)

r = np.random.randn(10)

#array([0.39739838, 0.31770265, 0.06576943, 0.252755  , 0.38386191,
       #0.31203894, 0.34385005, 0.39185893, 0.39848757, 0.38723303])

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Putting it simply, pdf() returns the y value upon the distribution curve (gaussian if you use a normal distribution) given the x and other parameters you supply. Probability for a given interval is defined as the respective area under curve.


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