Background: I was just granted access to my company's SQL Server (MS SQL 2019 via Azure Data Studio). As I have not yet been assigned any specific projects I want start digging.

I've asked my DBA to send me any database diagrams available, to this point he hasn't located any.

Question: What sort of scripts can I run to better understand general table relations, primary/foreign keys, dependencies and overall database structure?

What I've checked already: As far as online resources go, the majority of what I've come across start with the steps to create a database / table and then go into exploratory analysis.


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As far as I know Azure Data Studio is not capable of showing you the diagrams. You can download Dbeaver for free and then look at the ER Diagram tab. It will show you a graph of the Database, showing exactly what you are interested in - relations, keys, dependencies, structure.


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