I have an array in the shape of (105, 105, 3). When I do plt.imshow(array) it outputs: enter image description here

How can I run a clustering algorithm directly on this image? Do I need to convert the pixels to cartesian coordinates and if so, how?

I have tried:

labels = mixture.GaussianMixture(n_components=2).fit(array).predict(array)

However this outputs an error. Please help!


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You are right, a clustering algorithm such as Gaussian Mixture Model would require cartesian coordinates.

This can be done as follows to get the coordinates of the dark pixels:

import numpy as np

binary = np.mean(array, axis=2) < 0.5
X = np.stack(np.where(binary)).transpose()

You should now be able to cluster X

Note: For images, segmentation is more common than clustering. Both types of processing are related and segmentation can be seen as a special kind of clustering, but often aims for sligtly different outcomes. Not knowing your desired outcome, I just want to hint you to these kind of algorithms in case they fit to your task.


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