I have access to a dataset of job postings, which for each posting has a unique posting ID, the job posting occupation, and a row for each skill requested in each job posting.

The dataset looks a bit like this:

posting_id occ_code occname skillname
1 1 data scientist analysis
1 1 data scientist python
2 2 lecturer teaching
2 2 lecturer economics
3 3 biologist research
3 3 biologist biology
1 1 data scientist research
1 1 data scientist R

I'd like to perform analysis in R to identify "close" occupations by how similar their overall skill demand is in job postings. E.g. if many of the top 10 in-demand skills for financial analysts matched some of the top 10 in-demand skills for data scientists, those could be considered closely related occupations.

To be more clear, I want to identify similar occupations by their overall skill demand in the postings i.e. by summing the no. of times each skill is requested for an occupation, and identifying which other occupations have similar frequently requested skills.

I am fairly new to R so would appreciate any help!



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