I am looking for some guidance. My company is a electronic goods manufacturing company. We work with multiple distributors (around 7 distributors) across specific regions to sell our products. But remember that our product list may go from 200 to 300 items. And they all can be grouped under certain sub category and categories.

Also note that, not all distributors sell all of our parts. For ex some distributors focus only on specific categories of products etc and some on the other categories. There are few distributors (2-3) whose portfolio includes all our parts. And all our distributors share some common portfolio with other distributors

Now our biz team is currently planning to compare the distributors and see whether they convince them to take up additional product to sell based on the market segment they operate in. For example, we want to know the likelihood that whether "distributor A" to take up to sell "washing machine" related products/parts/components. (Ex: Distributors A currently doesn't sell washing machine related parts but he may or may not have had this product in his portfolio earlier. May be he had sold this once to a customer by buying from us). Similarly, we would like to look at the past data of all distributors (and products they bought) and come up with a likelihood that can let us know whether he will buy from us (if we put a concerted effort to get them back to buy again(or enter) a new sub category of washing machine.

Currently, we are still brainstorming and am trying to seek your help to refine this problem. Can share your thoughts please? We have data on distributor location, overall revenue made in the past 3 years, product wise revenue made in past 3 years, their average purchase frequency and recency

If you have any other interesting suggestions on other problem statements that we can come up using our distributors data like above, please do share



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