Is __getitem()__ in a PyTorch Dataset restricted to always returning the same sample for the same index? I am thinking that the samples might be cached by some downstream tasks, for instance, so I am reluctant to do this, but is it actually not a problem?

(Context: this is for a Masked Language Modeling task, where I was thinking of having an epoch cover each sentence once, with random masks for each sentence. The next epoch would have different masks—so at the same index in the dataset.)


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This is not a fully conclusive answer, but I understand that a PyTorch Dataset can return random samples for the same index. In fact:

  1. One natural use case is data (e.g. image) on-the-fly transformation. There is a (non-official) example on StackOverflow.

  2. Another argument in favor of random samples being allowed is that it is generally not a good idea to cache a dataset: this is the whole idea behind the Dataset and Dataloader classes, which allow the data to be fetched lazily (i.e. only when necessary).


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