I am trying to understand gradient calculation for skip gram with softmax output and cross entropy loss.

I am referring these articles: 1, 2, 3.

The all calculate the error as follows:

$$E=-\sum_{c=1}^Cu_{j_{c^*}}+C.log\left(\sum_{j'=1}^v e^uj'\right)$$

Step 1: Then they calculate the gradient of Error $E$ with respect to $u_j$ as follows:

$$\frac{\partial E}{\partial u_j}=-\sum_{c=1}^Cu_{j_{c^*}}+C.\frac{1}{\sum_{j'=1}^v e^{u_j^*}}\frac{\partial }{\partial u_j}\left(\sum_{j'=1}^v e^uj'\right)$$

Q1. Why the first term above $-\sum_{c=1}^Cu_{j_{c^*}}$ left untouched? That is, why they have not taken its gradient with respect to $u_j$?

Step2: In next step, they do:

$$\frac{\partial E}{\partial u_j}=-\sum_{c=1}^C 1+\sum_{j=1}^V y_j$$

Q2. I am unable to get how both terms in above sum are obtained.

Step 3: Finally the articles do:

$$\frac{\partial E}{\partial u_j}=y_j-t_j$$

Q3. Again I did not get how this step is obtained.

Can someone please tell me what I am missing here?



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