I am trying to predict using wrapcauchy. This was the best fit when running the fit_transform() method.

Unfortunately, I am running into some issues. I keep receiving the error:

'tuple' object has no attribute 'rvs'

thrown on this line:

next_value = dist1.rvs(size=1)

The code:

from scipy.stats import wrapcauchy

# get the historical data up to the second to last value in the sequence
historical_data = dfp["R1"][:-1]

# fit the distribution to the historical data
dist1 = wrapcauchy.fit(historical_data)

# predict the next value
next_value = dist1.rvs(size=1)

# predict the next value
#next_value = dist1.predict([historical_data[-1]])["y"][0]

print("Predicted next value:", next_value[0])

Could someone explain the issue? Thanks

  • $\begingroup$ From reading the scipy documentation, wrapcauchy.fit() returns a tuple of best fit parameters for a wrapped cauchy random variable - not the random variable itself. The rvs() method is a method of wrapcauchy, and you pass the results of wrapcauchy.fit() as arguments to wrapcauchy.rvs(). $\endgroup$
    – Lynn
    Mar 18 at 12:09


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