Upon Googling "Maxpool ReLU order" or similar, I've found many people saying this order does not effect the result, i.e.:

MaxPool(Relu(x)) = Relu(MaxPool(x))

Here are a small number of examples of people saying this:

To be clear, I'm completely aware that there could be a slight speed difference, but what I'm asking about here is the computation result, not the speed.

For example, consider the following: enter image description here

How can the general consensus be that the ReLU/MaxPool order does not effect the computation result when it's easy to come up with a quick example where is does appear to effect the computation result?

For what it's worth, ChatGPT seems to go against the general consensus: enter image description here


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  1. ChatGPT often speaks bullshit. Do not rely on it.
  2. Your example is wrong. On the second computation, you are computing the absolute value, not ReLU: ReLU(-5) = 0 and ReLU(-3) = 0. The result is 2, which is the same as the first computation.
  3. $\max(ReLU(x_1,...,x_n)) = ReLU(\max(x_1,...,x_n))$
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    $\begingroup$ good eyes on that abs() $\endgroup$ May 20, 2023 at 22:56

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