I am new to building models for Speech ASR. I want to build a model for Speech Transcription in Urdu. I used XLS-R (following the example by Patric von Platen on Huggingface Colab notebook. My notebook can be found) as it is pre-trained on Urdu too. I trained the model on Common Voice Urdu dataset, but the Word Error Rate (WER) is 50%, which is bad. I want to improve it by using a better decoder model, as suggested in the original tutorial notebook.

My question is:

  • For my problem, which decoder models can I use? XLS-R is a good speech encoder model as it is pre-trained in 128 languages including Urdu, which model or models should work well with it?
  • Should I build a decoder model from scratch, or should I use a pre-trained decoder model and fine-tune it? What role does CTC compatibility play in it?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated, or any link to a notebook of someone working on similar problem. Thank you.



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