I have been trying to use MaskRCNN with a Resnet backbone on the DeepFashion2 Dataset for instance segmentation. The custom configurations are as follows:

class ClothDataset(utils.Dataset):

    # load_dataset function is used to load the train and test dataset
    def load_dataset(self, dataset_dir):
        print("Inside Load Dataset")
        categories = ["short sleeve top", "long sleeve top", "short sleeve outwear", "long sleeve outwear", "vest", "sling", 
                      "shorts", "trousers", "skirt", "short sleeve dress", "long sleeve dress", "vest dress", "sling dress"]
        for index, category in enumerate(categories):
            self.add_class("fashion", index+1, category.lower())

        images_dir = dataset_dir + '/image/'
        annotations_dir = dataset_dir + '/annos/'

        for filename in listdir(images_dir):

            image_id = filename[:-4]
            # img_path and ann_path variables are defined
            img_path = images_dir + filename
            ann_path = annotations_dir + image_id + '.json'
            # using add_image function we pass image_id, image_path and ann_path so that the current
            # image is added to the dataset for training
            self.add_image('fashion', image_id=image_id, path=img_path, annotation=ann_path)

    # function used to extract bouding boxes from annotated files
    def extract_boxes(self, filename):
        print("Inside Extract Boxes")
        boxes = list()
        # Implementation for JSON annotations
        annotation_file = json.load(open(filename))
        for item in annotation_file.keys():
            if item != "source" and item != "pair_id":
                name = annotation_file[item]['category_name'].lower()
                coors = annotation_file[item]['bounding_box']
        # Extracting width and height of the image
        image_path = filename.replace("annos", "image").replace("json", "jpg")
        image = skimage.io.imread(image_path)
        height, width = image.shape[:2]
        return boxes, width, height

    # returns a boolean mask with following dimensions width * height * instances        
    def load_mask(self, image_id):
        print("Inside Load Mask")
        info = self.image_info[image_id]
        path = info['annotation']
        boxes, w, h = self.extract_boxes(path)
        masks = np.zeros([h, w, len(boxes)], dtype='uint8')
        class_ids = list()
        for i in range(len(boxes)):
            box = boxes[i]
            masks[box[1]:box[3], box[0]:box[2], i] = self.class_names.index(box[4])
        return masks, np.asarray(class_ids, dtype='int32')
    # this functions takes the image_id and returns the path of the image
    def image_reference(self, image_id):
        info = self.image_info[image_id]
        return info['path']

class ClothConfig(Config):
    # name of the configuration
    NAME = "fashion_config"
    GPU_COUNT = 1
    # Number of Classes
    NUM_CLASSES = 1 + 13

    # Image Dimensions
    IMAGE_RESIZE_MODE = 'square'
    BACKBONE = 'resnet50'
    TRAIN_BN = True
    # Learning Rate
    LEARNING_RATE = 0.004
    WEIGHT_DECAY = 0.0
    LR_SCHEDULE = True
    # Dataloader Queue Size (was set to 100 but resulted in OOM error)
    # Cache Items
    CACHE = True
    # Debug mode will disable model checkpoints
    DEBUG = False
    # Do not use multithreading as this slows down the dataloader!
    WORKERS = 0
    # Losses
        'rpn_class_loss': 1.0,    # is the class of the bbox correct? / RPN anchor classifier loss (Forground/Background)
        'rpn_bbox_loss': 1.0,     # is the size of the bbox correct? / RPN bounding box loss graph (bbox of generic object)
        'mrcnn_class_loss': 1.0,  # loss for the classifier head of Mask R-CNN (Background / specific class)
        'mrcnn_bbox_loss': 1.0,   # is the size of the bounding box correct or not? / loss for Mask R-CNN bounding box refinement
        'mrcnn_mask_loss': 1.0,   # is the class correct? is the pixel correctly assign to the class? / mask binary cross-entropy loss for the masks head
    # Training Structure
    RPN_ANCHOR_SCALES = (32, 64, 128, 256, 512)

However, I get a 'list index out of range' error on calling model.train(..) and from the error stack I can't seem to figure out where exactly the issue is. Attaching the error logs below,

enter image description here enter image description here

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!


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I've narrowed down the issue to a possible Tensorflow version incompatibility. Though I don't have all the specifics, it seems the problem might be related to this.

To provide more context, I was working with Kaggle kernels to run the model. Initially, I was modifying an existing notebook in an attempt to reuse the original environment. That's when I encountered the error logs mentioned earlier. As an alternative, I tried using another notebook with a different, more up-to-date pinned environment, and interestingly, the same model worked(snapshot attached).

MaskRCNN Running

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