Sorry for the long question.

In PowerBI I have fields called 'user ID' and 'service'. Each row represents an activity, so may not be unique. I want to create a new variable called '5+ flag' that for each ID, counts how many times it appears and then assigns 1 if it five or more, and 0 otherwise.

Eventually I would like to use this variable in a calculated measure that counts the number of rows with a '5+ contacts' = 1 and certain value for 'service' and divides it by the number of unique IDs with '5+ contacts' = 1. The DAX code for this measure is below:

measure_1 = DIVIDE( COUNTROWS( FILTER( 'data', 'data'[5+ flag] = 1 && 'data'[service] = "Design" ) ), CALCULATE( DISTINCTCOUNT( 'data'[userID]), 'data'[5+ flag] = 1 ) )

Unfortunately, when I tried making '5+ flag' using a calculated column (using DAX code below), I got the incorrect values. Although measure_1 did work. I believe this has something to do with calculated columns being fixed and not dynamic.

5+ flag = IF( CALCULATE( COUNTROWS('Merged data'), FILTER( 'Merged data', 'Merged data'[patient ID] = EARLIER('Merged data'[patient ID]) && 'Merged data'[stage of care] = "05 Chemotherapy" ) ) >= 5, 1, 0 )

When I tried making it using a calculated measure (using DAX code below), I got the correct numbers, but then measure_1 gave this error: 'A function 'PLACEHOLDER' has been used in a True/False expression that is used as a table filter expression. This is not allowed.'

5+ contacts = SUMX( VALUES('Merged data'[Patient ID]), CALCULATE(COUNT('Merged data'[Patient ID])) )

Could anyone tell me how to either get the correct numbers for '5+ contacts' as a calculated column, or how to get measure_1 working when '5+ contacts' is a calculated measure. Any advice would be really appreciated.



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