I have several classification models that used for image classification. The epochs is set to 100 for both. Model A gave me accuracy 99.7 and stopped at epoch 100 but Model B gave me 99.93 but take much time than Model A and the epochs exceeds the 100 until 150 epochs the code is training.

Should I need to stop training at 100 for the both model for fair comparing or make each one running until the accuracy improve. also the curve for the model A is enter image description here

and the curve for the model B is enter image description here

Should I need to cure the curve for the model B ?


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It depends on the criteria you want to take into account when comparing your models. If your goal is to examine how fast a model is in training, you can stop here, but I guess it's not your objective.

To compare the accuracy, you should juxtapose models fairly. Currently, the range of y-axis labels is so different that we can't conclude whether it looks different in the last 10 epochs for Model A than Model B. Consider restricting your y-axis limits on both charts somewhere between 0 and 0.2.

Choosing a number of epochs might be perplexing. I can recommend automizing it to you. One of the common approaches is to stop training when your validation loss stops falling for a few epochs. If you are using TensorFlow, embrace the EarlyStopping mechanism.


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