I have been working on EDA lately and i got to know about Pandas Profiling , but i am unable to import the module Pandas_Profiling , I could import the module on Google Collab but couldnt import the specific function 'ProfileReport' needed for Profiling , can someone help me wiht it ? I really wanna learn it


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Something to note is that the package name will soon change to ydata-profiling, so we should use the new name. This is the announcement on their Pypi site:

⚠️ pandas-profiling package naming was changed. To continue profiling data use ydata-profiling instead!

Another thing to take into account is that the package is not installed by default on Google Colab, so we need to install it with (see this Colab documentation snippet for details on the ! syntax):

!pip install ydata-profiling

Then, we can import ProfileReport:

from ydata_profiling import ProfileReport
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